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Advantages of the EB-5 Visa Program

The EB-5 is an immigrant visa that enables foreign nationals to obtain permanent residency in the US via qualified real estate investment. Based on the project’s location, the EB-5 investment amount could be either USD500,000 or USD1 million. The project is also required to create at least 10 jobs. Getting a conditional green card often takes a maximum of three or four years, hence making this among the most convenient ways of immigrating to the US. Below are some benefits of the EB-5 program.

Among the biggest advantages of this program is that unmarried children below the age of 21 and your spouse can be eligible for receiving green cards. This enables investors to start new chapters of their lives together with their families. After about five years, if an EB-5 program beneficiary besides to obtain US citizenship, they can sponsor green cards for immediate family members. Check out this site for more details on the EB-5 program.

The program has the advantage of flexibility since investors are not required to live near their investments. Therefore, if you invest in a project in one state but want to live in another, you definitely can. This allows investors to visit, live or even retire in whatever part of the US they choose to. This is great for people who have children attending school out of state and would wish to stay near them. Additionally, investors can live in close proximity to family and friends living in other parts of the US.

Another great advantage of obtaining a green card via the EB-5 program is that you get to enjoy similar benefits as US citizens. Among such advantages is college tuition. Given that the price of college tuition is already too high, the costs for non-resident students could double or even triple. Through this program however, children below 21 years of age are allowed to obtain green cards, hence reducing the cost of their college tuition to in-state rates. Children of investors can therefore study at any college at similar rates as US citizens. Similar to US citizens, green card holders also have the added advantage of being allowed to start and operate businesses in the country. For more information about the EB-5 program, click here.

Beneficiaries of the EB-5 program can travel anywhere, and won’t be required to have a visa to get back to the US. Similar to all other American citizens, beneficiaries of this program can travel wherever they wish and return to the US without a visa.

While some programs such as the HB-1 visa program require people to be sponsored by others, the EB-5 program does not require you to get sponsorship from someone else. Therefore, rather than waiting around for employers to sponsor your Visa, you can take charge of your own life and sponsor yourself. Learn more here:

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